About Butter Flight

A new way to butter your quad

Butterflight is a fork of Betaflight that aims to bring a renewed focus on Mini Quad Flight Performance. We want to push the envelope of what is possible in terms of raw flight characteristics keeping freestyle and racing pilots desires on the forefront. We know you want clean flight performance and ease of use and that is what we plan to deliver.

Gimme that butter!

Our goal is to eventually provide a clean flight control kernel that can be extended by other projects to add more features such as RTH or SERVO control. Our focus is on the flight, handling propwash and making quads fly the way they should fly.

Features Removed from builds

Due to limitations in flash space, a few features had to be removed from F3 flight controllers. The features removed from F3 Flight Controllers are considered to be non-essential features for flight performance. The purpose of these builds is to test the filters and get the best performance out of your quad. You simply cannot fit it all on F3's anymore.

  • Servo Control
  • SUMH - Graupner Legacy Protocol

Butterflight Configurator

Get your free range grass fed butter

We are rolling out our own version Configurator which we aim to completely revamp over the coming months. What we want is to bring simplicity and ease of use so pilots can get their quads in the air with minimal fuss. We will be looking at streamlining the UI, adding wizzards and improving the performance of the configurator across the different platforms.

Get BUTTER Config

GPL Compliance

These binaries are based on a fork of Betaflight that is completely open sourced on github as per GPLv3. If you would like to view the project or contribute yourself please see the link below.

Open Source Project